Lincoln Limousine Inc. is proud of a longstanding history of providing quality services to the greater New York area during which the following Frequently Asked Questions commonly arise. In the event that the information you are seeking is not contained within our FAQ section or this site in general, please contact us via phone or email and an agent will respond to your questions promptly.

It takes about an hour to and from JFK or Newark and about 45 minutes to or from LGA, weekdays, less time on Saturdays and Sundays morning, almost half the time on Sunday morning except if there’s a parade or an event.

A toll is a fee that vehicles passing or going through a bridge or a tunnel or passing certain point on a Highway would pay to the government, some charge either way (both ways), some charge only one way, Yes customer is responsible for the payment of any toll fees.

So far it’s $8.00 to or from LGA and JFK airports, if you pay a toll, $19 to or from NWK airport in a Sedan, for the Stretch Limousine it’s $29.

You pay a toll if you go through midtown tunnel or Tri Borough Bridge, the 59 Street Bridge and the Williamsburg Bridge are free.

Sure, but he has other factors to consider as well, as the location of the pick up or destination, the movement of the traffic at that time of the day, which is fastest or shortest and so forth.

Yes, because the driver has to pay the toll on his way back.

Parking fee is for airports pickups, when the driver parks his vehicle at the airport in order to go into the terminal to “meet & greet” a passenger, the airport charges a parking fee, $9 for the first half hour for JFK & EWR and $6 for the first half hour for LGA. Yes you pay for the parking unless you want to save it and request an outside pickup.

If you request an outside pickup, the driver will wait for you at the airport but won’t enter the terminal, when you ready to come out, after you collect you luggage or come out of the custom area, you give us a call, you may call any of our numbers, including the toll free if you don’t have a cell phone, the drive will right away move to the limo pick up area to meet you there, it takes him about three to five minutes, when you call, we’ll give you a detail of what to do and where to meet, a description of the car, the car will have a sign with the company’s name and may be your name right beneath it.

The 20% gratuity is a service charge for the driver.

Not if it’s one way trip, for that we have flat rates, but you could have it by the hour for a round trip provided you have it for a minimum certain number of hours.

No, a round trip is when the driver take you somewhere, wait for you and take you back, for example if you going to the airport to pick up or drop of someone and go back, or going to a mall for shopping and go back and likewise.

No, it’s cheaper in Manhattan than it is within the 5 boroughs, out of town is slightly more than that.